Rec Referee Corner

The Larchmont Soccer Club’s recreational program maintains its own Referee Program. The Referee Program follows closely the standards set by the Westchester Soccer Referee Organization and similar U.S. based organizations, as well as FIFA's Laws of the Game.

The Larchmont referees are children, youths and adults from the area. The Larchmont Soccer Club strives to train the referees in conjunction with programs offered by the WSRO and similar organizations. The referees are responsible for officiating the recreational games according to the Laws of the Game and the Larchmont Soccer Club rules.

The referee’s role is to ensure that the game is safe, fair and fun. It should be an enjoyable experience for everyone: the players, the spectators, the coaches and the officials themselves. Every game deserves the referee’s best efforts, and he or she should be prepared to officiate each game as it were a championship match.

The referee’s decisions are final and not subject to protest! Many of the referees are or could be your own children; please remember that when you approach them or deal with them on the field. There is a saying about that: Rule No. 1 is, the Referee is always right. Rule No. 2 is that if the Referee is wrong, refer to Rule No. 1. 

If you have any questions or comments about the rules, contact the referee coordinator,  Doug Rosen at   Referees should direct questions regarding the scheduling of games to Diane Goodman at

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