In addition to this document, you should ensure you read the following:  
  • Rules for Recreational Season (on this website)
  • Game Schedule for your Division (accessible from the home page- do not log in,  look at yellow bar)
  • Rules for Division Championships and Pele Cup Tournament (on this website)
2Game Fields
  • Minor Divisions – Flint Front
  • Intermediate Divisions – Flint Back
  • Major Divisions – Alma Turf (Flint Park) and Hommocks
  • High School Divisions - Alma Turf (Flint Park) and Hommocks
Reminder for High School and Alma Turf Fields:  only water in re-usable containers, no juice or energy drinks, etc, and only players and coaches on the field.

. Practice Fields (Weekdays)

As you are all aware, field space is extremely limited in the community.  
Weekday practice field designations for recreational teams are as follows – please adhere strictly to this schedule. If Varsity, JV or Modified games are still in progress on any field, DO NOT ENTER.    Stay off the field until the game is over- you may warm up on the other side of the road.


Flint Park Front

 3:00 pm - dusk  Stay away from

Kindergarten sessons


Flint Park Front 

4:30 to dusk



 Flint Park Front

Flint Park Back

 4:30 pm - dusk

5:00- dusk  Do not enter field until Field hockey is done


Flint Park Front

Flint Park Back


 3:00 - dusk

5:00 - dusk  Do not enter until FH is done

5:15- dusk  Minors only

On Fridays, please reserve Hommocks for the Minors 

  • Do NOT practice when it is raining, or when the fields are wet. They all get extremely heavy use and need to be protected if they are to last the whole season. Use common sense; if in doubt, do NOT practice.
  • Under no circumstances, warm up or practice on the Little League field at Lorenzen.
  • Do NOT practice at Willow Park; this is a Police Dept instruction due to the lack of parking there.
  • Do NOT practice at Harbor Island with the exception of the joint Mamaroneck/Larchmont Major division - we do NOT have a permit.  In any case, it is reserved for Mamaroneck Junior Soccer League programs.
  • Do NOT leave litter, water bottles, articles of clothing, (and even soccer balls!) on the field after your practices and games.
  • Only water is allowed on Alma and the High School turf fields.  NO food and NO sports drinks.
  • In case of thunder and lightning, please get everybody off the fields immediately and remain in a sheltered area/car until 30 minutes after the last strike.
Friday 9/17 HMX is not available
4Storage of Goals After Games and Practices.
  • Flint Front - after final game of the day, place goals face to face (so that they can be locked) at Hommocks School end under the trees.
  • Flint Back - after final game of the day, place goals face to face next to the paddle tennis courts. Also, ensure that ALL fields are cleared of all trash (and clothing and soccer balls!).  
5Number of Players and Game Length

 Minor Divisions
9 v 9
 2 x 20 minute halves
 Size #4 ball
 Intermediate Divisions
 9 v 9
 2 x 25 minute halves
 Size #4 ball
 Major Divisions
 12 v 12
 2 x 25 minute halves
 Size #5 ball
 High School Divisions
 11 v 11
 2 x 25 minute halves
 Size #5 ball

Players on the field may be changed at the commissioner's discretion. For the Fall of 2021 Majors will play 12 V 12 if both coaches agree.

Points System

    Win – 3 points, Tie – 1 point, Loss – 0 points.

7 Rules of the Game and Division Championships

Refer to separate documents. However, based on occurrences, the following is worth emphasizing:

  • Goalies cannot go outside the penalty box carrying the ball in their hands – this infraction results in a direct kick to the opposition right on the edge of the penalty area (and possibly also a yellow card for deliberate handball). Goalies may, however, dribble the ball outside the box, provided they release it from their hands while inside.
  • Remember that goalies may NOT play a back pass from a field player with their hands; instead they should play it with their feet. However, it should be noted that this applies to a deliberate or intentional back pass only. Goalies MAY play with their hands balls directed unintentionally towards them, e.g. mis-kicks or deflections.
  • It is not acceptable that some coaches hold on to the ball at a throw-in to give tactical instruction to their team. It will result in a yellow card for delay of game, and unsportsmanlike conduct. It is worth pointing out that quickly taken throw-ins can provide a tactical advantage if the opponent is slow to set their defense, and thus should be encouraged.
8Specific Rules for use of Alma Flint and High School Turf Field
  • Only water in a clear, reusable container is allowed on the field.  All FOOD and other DRINKS are expressly FORBIDDEN.
  • Sneakers, turf shoes or rubberized (molder) cleats are permitted.  Metal cleats are NOT allowed.
  • Only players, coaches and referees are allowed on the turf.
  • Players may NOT enter the field until their coach is present, and under no circumstances should anyone enter while another game is in progress.  The noon game on Alma follows the 1st grade program.   Do not enter the field until the 1st grade is done.
  • Coaches are responsible for ensuring these rules are followed;  please make sure your players and parents are aware of them.
9Game Day Procedure
  • Home Team coaches of the first game of the day (normally 8:30) puts out goals and must ensure that sand-bags are placed on goals – the goals can blow easily and cause injury.
  • Home Team coaches of the last game of the day ( you will know you are the last game if no teams are warming up to follow you ) must move the goals and clear all garbage from the field.
  • Parents of players should be on one side of the field, coaches and players on the other.
  • Home Team coaches will be responsible for providing a properly inflated game ball.
  • Before the game, check that all players are wearing shin-guards, and that all watches, earrings, jewelry, bandanas, etc. have been removed. 
  • Substitutions at the quarter. Coaches should have their changes pre-planned, and quickly implement them. It is not a time for players to come off the field, or for coaches to enter the field; the process should take no longer than 1 minute . We have a tight schedule to maintain in order to get through the day's program. Game length is adjusted by referees to accommodate the overall schedule.  (Senior division subs on the fly)
  • Keep players off the goal-nets; they are easily damaged and are expensive to replace. Players found damaging the goal nets may be suspended for a minimum of one game. 
  • After the game, clear the sidelines of all trash (and possessions!).
  • Both coaches have to log results into this website as soon as possible after the game. If this is done promptly, results and standings will be published on the website in a timely manner. Referees will also report the score separately.
10. Inclement Weather

Coaches and players are expected to show up at the designated field unless they are notified by phone or website hotline of a rainout. Only referees or League officials may cancel games. If the decision to take one or more fields out of service is made before 7:30 am, an email blast will go out.

On select days we will try to ask teams playing in the afternoon to wait for a second call at 12 noon if it is thought the field might dry. In the event of a rainout, games will be re-scheduled at a later date – subject to availability of fields.

Whenever possible games rained out on Saturday will be played on Sunday (the next day).

If a referee terminates a game due to inclement weather, the game is replayed if the termination took place in the first half. If the game terminated in the second half, the game is considered finished and the score stands.

11 End of Season Dinners

These will be held for each division on dates to be advised.

12 Feedback on Referees

We welcome substantive and qualified feedback on the performance of referees, both positive and negative. This will help us in two important ways: (a) identifying referees requiring additional training or guidance, and (b) assisting in assigning referees to age divisions appropriate to their experience and performance. Referee feedback should be emailed to our ref coordinator: Please consider in your feedback the age of the referee.

13 Parking

This is especially difficult at Flint Park. Parking regulations will be strictly enforced by the Police Department, and illegally parked cars will be ticketed. Encourage parents to use the parking facilities at Hommocks School, where there is much more space.

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