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Sep 23, 2014
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Apr 1, 2014
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Minor Boys Pele Cup
Spa Min BPreIre MinB
Fra Min BPreEng Min B
Ger Min BPre Arg Min B
Mex Min BPrePort Min B

Intermediate Boys Pele Cup
Eng Min BPreSwe Int B
Gree Min BPreBel Int B
Cro Min GPreBrz Min B

Major Boys Pele Cup
Mex Maj BPreUSA Maj B
Port Min BPreHoll Min B

Senior Boys
USA Sen BPreFra Sen B
Bel Sen BPreBrz Sen B

Minor Girls Pele Cup
Arg Min BPreFra Min B
Ger Min BPreCro Min G
Brz Min GPreSpa Min G
Eng Min GPreIre Min G

Intermediate Girls Pele Cup
Cro Min GPreGree Min B
Arg Min BPreEng Min B
Port Min BPreMex Min B
Ire MinBPreBel Int B

Major Girls
USA Maj GPreArg Maj G
Fra Maj GPreGer Maj G
Holl Maj GPreSpa Maj G


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