Registration is Open for Fall 2021


Registration is now open for Larchmont Fall Recreational soccer!  The link for registration is or you can click on the big red “Register Now” button on our website,   IF YOUR CHILD IS IN GRADES 6-8 be sure and click on “Mamaroneck/Larchmont Joint Majors”.   First day of play is Saturday, September 11.


The fee is $125 and your child is guaranteed a place if you’ve registered by August 15th.   .  After that date a $25 late fee will be added and your child will be placed on a waiting list if their division is full.  There is no refund after the first game.  Scholarships are available on request;  if possible we ask all families requesting a scholarship to contribute a partial amount to their child’s registration.  Please email the registrar at


All children that live or attend school (private, parochial or public) in Larchmont or Mamaroneck are eligible to play.   Please note that although the travel teams for Larchmont and Mamaroneck are joint, the recreation programs are not until Grade 6.  If you’re unsure as to which recreational league your child should join, please read about the differences at  Travel players in grades 1-5 are NOT eligible to play rec in Larchmont.


Play is Monday afternoons at Flint Park for 7 weeks beginning 9/13.  Boys play at 3:30 and girls at 4:30.   The sessions are limited to 50 players in each session, first come first served.   The sessions are run by Foster Soccer and combine drills with mini games and an emphasis on FUN!

First Graders

Play is Saturday morning for 7 weeks on Alma turf field in Flint Park- boys at 9 am and girls at 10 am.   There is a limit of 50 players per session (first come first served); if additional players sign up we will have a co-ed session at 11.  The sessions are run by Foster Soccer and combine drills with mini games and an emphasis on FUN!

Grades 2-12

Play is at Flint Park on Saturday with a few games on Sunday if weather necessitates.  The game time each week varies and the schedule is available around Labor Day. 


Coaches and assistant coaches are needed for each team grades 2-12.   Please volunteer to help with your child’s team- it’s fun and requires less time than you think.   Coaches run the weekly practice (time set by the coach), and the weekend game.   Teams have more than one coach so the time can be shared.  Register yourself online when you register your child.


We cannot honor requests for your child to be on a specific team or with another player.  The only exception to this policy is that coaches may request one player per team as a thank you for coaching.  We make every effort to balance teams by school, grade and ability.


Email the registrar at

We are looking forward to another great year!

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