The Larchmont Soccer Club does not wish any player to be prevented from playing soccer by lack of means, or any family to suffer hardship in order for their son or daughter to participate in our program. We have traditionally waived registration fees and uniform charges, and recently established a scholarship fund to address increased costs for travel soccer training, tournaments and similar costs, for families for whom payment of these fees and expenses would constitute a hardship.
Even with these additional costs, we believe that costs per player in our program are reasonable, particularly in comparison with other sports and extracurricular activities. Accordingly, scholarships that go beyond the waiver of league and uniform fees will generally involve a sharing of costs with the player's family.

Scholarships are only available for children who live or go to school in Larchmont or Mamaroneck.

Recreational Program

A single fee per player covering league and uniform costs is charged at registration for the recreational season. Families for whom this fee would constitute a hardship should make this known at the time registration, either in person or by mail, and the fee will be waived. If you are interested in the Scholarship Program you can contact the Registrar by email at

Travel Program

For travel teams, the scholarship program is administered through the coaches. Families for whom Larchmont Soccer Club registration fees would constitute a hardship should so indicate to the team coach or manager at the time of registration and these fees will be waived.

Each travel team also has its own budget for training costs and other expenses, to which each family contributes. For families needing assistance with these additional expenses, a request for assistance from the LSC Scholarship Fund should be made through their team's coaches, and from them to the Travel Commissioners. There are currently no formal criteria, and the determination of need is made mutually by the families and coaches involved and the Travel Commissioners. Generally, a family's statement that it needs assistance on the basis set forth above will be honored, subject to the resources being available.  Players must live or go to school in Larchmont or Mamaroneck to be eligible for the Scholarship Fund.  There is a limit of $150 per player per season.  If additional funds are needed the family or the team will be responsible.

LSC Scholarship Fund

The LSC Scholarship Fund was established initially with funds donated in memory of David Symes, a long-time coach in our program and our community. We are proud to honor Dave's memory by helping kids play the game he loved.

The Scholarship Fund is funded on an ongoing basis by contributions from the Larchmont soccer community. Tax-deductible contributions can be made to the "LSC Scholarship Fund", c/o Tony Carroll, 96 West Garden Road, Larchmont NY 10538.

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