All Larchmont Fields can be accessed from the Boston Post Road. Traveling from Southwest to Northeast (i.e., from New Rochelle at the bottom of the map towards Mamaroneck at the top of the map), the directions are as follows:
  1. Lorenzen Field is at the intersection of Deane Place and Lorenzen Street, both of which run into the Boston Post Road. Tony's Nursery and Larchmont Nursery are on the Boston Post Road, just to the Northeast of Lorenzen Street.
  2. Flint Park and Alma Turf can be accessed from the Boston Post Road by turning on to either Bronson Street or Thompson Street, and then making a left turn on to Locust Avenue, which runs into the Park. Flint Park can also be accessed from the Hommocks School parking lot. (See #3).
  3. Hommocks Field When Weaver Street crosses the Boston Post Road, it becomes Hommocks Road. There is a Chase bank branch on the opposite corner. The Hommocks Fields are behind the Hommocks School, which is immediately in view upon turning on to Hommocks Road. The parking lot for the Hommocks Fields is behind the school. Access to Flint Park: Turn right into the parking lot in front of the school and proceed to the end of the front parking lot where there is an entrance into Flint Park. Hommocks 1 is the field closest to the school.  Hommocks 2 is the field closest to the water. 
  4. Mamaroneck High School and its football/soccer field are visible from the Boston Post Road. They are on the left-hand side while traveling toward Mamaroneck's Harbor Island Park. 
  5. Town Center Field is adjacent to the parking lot for the Town of Mamaroneck Town Center. There is a sign reading Town Center on the Boston Post Road, which is approximately 100 yards after the Mamaroneck High School football/soccer field. The Town Center Field can also be accessed off of Palmer Avenue by turning on to Rockland Avenue. There is an entrance to the Town Center Parking Lot off of Rockland Avenue. 
  6. Central School Field is located on Palmer Avenue. From Boston Post Road, turn north onto Route 125, Weaver St. (Gap and Blockbuster on opposite corners) towards Scarsdale. At first light, turn right onto Palmer Avenue - school entrance is 200 yards on right. Field is next to school building.

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